General project information and planned features:

When will Standoff be released?
Standoff is being released in five separate episodes. The first episode was released on December 23rd, 2004; the second on August 10th, 2005; the third was January 8th, 2006, and the fourth was September 26th, 2007. You can download them from the Downloads section of this website. The final episode is slated for August 10th, 2009.

What is Standoff?
Standoff is a project that aims to bring new content to Origin's Wing Commander Secret Ops, a space combat game which was distributed freely over the internet a few years ago. In other words, Standoff is a Secret Ops mod. It will need the original SO files to run, but will not replace them, so you can easily switch between using the original SO game content and the Standoff game content. This mod will, obviously, be a free download to which everyone's entitled. However, each user will install this mod at his/her own risk, since as much as we will work hard to make everything work flawlessly, we CANNOT guarantee that it will. The content which Standoff will add to Secret Ops is detailed below:

- Over thirty missions of various types in a branching campaign, plus ten simulator missions;
- All new wingmen with new in-flight comms;
- In-game cutscenes, full-motion video, and fiction to develop the story between missions;
- Thirty-one classes of Confed, Civilian, or Landreich fighters, transports, and capital ships;
- Twenty-three classes of Kilrathi fighters and capital ships;
- New fighters, transports and capital ship classes designed from descriptions in WC novels, never before seen in any WC game;
- The ability to compare your scores in the simulator to those of other players via our online Scoreboards, provided by the CIC!

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