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Designation: Assault Shuttle
Max Y/P/R: 40/40/30 deg/s
Armor (F/B/L/R): 100/100/100/100
Max speed: 350 kps
Missile decoys: 2
Length: 31.51 m
Mass: 35 tons
Shields (F/B): 140/140

Notes: These lightly-armored shuttles carry a contingent of marines for deep space assault operations.


Designation: Transport
Max Y/P/R: 20/20/20 deg/s
Armor (F/B/L/R): 240/240/220/220
Max speed: 150 kps
Missile decoys: none
Length: 73.30 m
Mass: 4,000 tons
Shields (F/B): 300/300

Notes: Replacing the Drayman and Diligent classes, the Clydesdales came on-line in 2658. Clydesdales are used as minesweepers, tankers and freighters. Occasionally, they are also used for prison transfers and small Marine operations.


Designation: Corvette
Max Y/P/R: 30/30/30 deg/s
Armor (F/B/L/R): 550/550/500/500
Max speed: 250 kps
Missile decoys: 5
Length: 80.22 m
Mass: 1,000 tons
Shields (F/B): 750/750

Notes: One of the most versatile ships in the Confed fleet, the Venture is used in fast transport, patrol, battlegroup support and capship assault roles. After 20 years of service, it is, however, beginning to show its age.


Designation: Destroyer
Manufacturer: Sirius Prime Engineering
Max speed: 250 kps
Length: 312.11 m
Mass: 10,000 tons
Active ships: Too many to list

Notes: These destroyers have balanced offensive and defensive capabilities, and therefore are used in a number of different roles. In several sectors, they make up the bulk of Confed's operational forces since the signing of the truce.


Designation: Destroyer
Manufacturer: Origin Systems
Max speed: 150 kps
Length: 360.02 m
Mass: 8,000 tons
Active ships: Too many to list

Notes: When the Exeters first appeared in the 2640s, the new emphasis on torpedo strikes placed capships without fighters at risk. Some Exeters were modified to include hangars, but these modifications proved costly - a flaw that was corrected later on in the easily reconfigurable Gilgamesh-class.


Designation: Cruiser
Manufacturer: Trojan IV Spaceyards
Max speed: 200 kps
Length: 503.92 m
Mass: 19,500 tons
Active ships: TCS Reims

Notes: The Waterloo is the Confederation's most efficient cruiser. It is relatively fast, and usually carries almost exclusively strike fighters to complement its heavy attack capabilities.


Designation: Escort Carrier
Manufacturer: Sirius Prime Engineering
Max speed: 240 kps
Length: 405.75 m
Mass: 17,050 tons
Active ships: TCS Firekka, TCS Guadalcanal, TCS Tarawa, among others

Notes: The Escort Carriers of this class had their hulls adapted from heavy transports, and have restricted room for fighter storage. However, they are faster than any other ship of their size, and can easily sneak in and out of enemy territory.


Designation: Fleet Carrier
Manufacturer: Various, on license from Sirius Prime Engineering
Max speed: 150 kps
Length: 800.05 m
Mass: 65,000 tons
Active ships: TCS Lexington, TCS Saratoga, TCS Moskva, TCS Verdun

Notes: The standard Confed Fleet Carrier since the war started, the Concordias are the most numerous capital ships in the Fleet (and also the most cost effective). They carry a full wing of fighters, but have only a light defensive armament.


Designation: Strike Carrier
Manufacturer: Trojan IV Spaceyards
Max speed: 130 kps
Length: 700.20 m
Mass: 80,000 tons
Active ships: None

Notes: More heavily armed than a standard Fleet Carrier, the Strike Carriers of this class are among the oldest and most damage-enduring designs in the fleet. The TCS Wolfhound and the TCS Kipling, both of which are currently offline, are the only remaining carriers of this class.


Designation: Attack Carrier
Manufacturer: Trojan IV Spaceyards, on license from S.P.E.
Max speed: 150 kps
Length: 775.10 m
Mass: 60,000 tons
Active ships: TCS Leyte Gulf

Notes: The Jutland-class CVA is one of Confedís newer carrier designs. Designed to replace the Bengal-class and supplement the mainstay Concordia-class carriers, the Jutlands are fast and heavily-armed. Only eight of these carriers have been constructed so far, six of which have already been lost in action.


Designation: Dreadnaught
Manufacturer: Sirius Prime Engineering
Max speed: 100 kps
Length: 983.72 m
Mass: 73,000 tons
Active ships: TCS Concordia

Notes:This dreadnaught packs a full wing of fighters, and a heavy weapons loadout which includes the Phase-Transit Cannon.

Star Base

Designation: Space Station
Manufacturer: Tolnidian Heavy Industries - Enigma Holdings Inc.
Max speed: 10 kps
Radius: 1200 m
Mass: 230,000 tons

Notes: Capable of supporting thousands of people and a full compliment of defense fighters, the huge Star Bases are one of the most important space station designs in the Confederation.

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