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Designation: Transport
Max Y/P/R: 20/20/20 deg/s
Armor (F/B/L/R): 350/350/300/300
Max speed: 200 kps
Missile decoys: 0
Length: 95.00 m
Mass: 5,000 tons
Shields (F/B): 95/95

Notes: The Dorkathi class of transports first appeared on the frontlines in the early 2660s, replacing the older Dorkir and Lumbari classes. Although well-armed, the ship has poor shielding and armor.


Designation: Corvette
Max Y/P/R: 30/30/30 deg/s
Armor (F/B/L/R): 1000/1000/900/900
Max speed: 200 kps
Missile decoys: 6
Length: 135.10 m
Mass: 1,300 tons
Shields (F/B): 490/490

Notes: Replacing the old Spikeri-class corvettes in the 2650s, the Kamekh is a highly effective adversary for the Confed Venture, with superior armor and weaponry. When it comes to shields and speed, however, the Venture is the better of the two.

Targu II-class

Designation: Frigate
Max speed: 250 kps
Length: 445.05 m
Mass: 17,500 tons

Notes: A new class of frigates, the Targu II are fast and carry an impressive array of anti-fighter weaponry. However, they are very lightly armored, and do not have a fighter hangar. Like the original Targu class, these ships are designed to serve a wide range of roles: patrol, escort, bomber interdiction, and fast transport duties.


Designation: Destroyer
Max speed: 250 kps
Length: 394.20 m
Mass: 11,000 tons

Notes: The Ralatha is a well-balanced destroyer, and the most widely used in the Kilrathi fleet. Despite the limited hangar space, this class has been reported to carry mostly any type of Kilrathi fighter, always in small quantities.


Designation: Cruiser
Max speed: 180 kps
Length: 500.10 m
Mass: 20,000 tons

Notes: The Fralthi is a relatively new and still highly effective design. Fralthi are produced in two basic configurations - light carrier and cruiser. The light carrier version features an enlarged hangar to allow the use of even the largest fighters and support ships.


Designation: Light Cruiser
Max speed: 280 kps
Length: 422.45 m
Mass: 14,320 tons

Notes: The fastest Kilrathi capship currently used, the Rigakh cruiser is a light but very powerful capship capable of fulfilling a very diverse set of missions. One of these ships, the Hhai'fra, has until recently served as Prince Thrakhath's flagship.


Designation: Cruiser
Max speed: 150 kps
Length: 612.30 m
Mass: 20,500 tons

Notes: Bigger and heavier than the Fralthi, this new cruiser is a remarkable design. The ship carries 40 fighters, is armed well enough to engage any Confed destroyer or cruiser, and outclasses even the Confederation-class dreadnought in terms of armor.


Designation: Fleet Carrier
Max speed: 150 kps
Length: 650.09 m
Mass: 30,000 tons

Notes: The primary carrier of the Kilrathi, the Snakeir fulfills a role similar to Confed's Concordia-class. It carries slightly heavier armament than its Confed counterpart, but remains vulnerable to capital ships and concentrated fighter attacks.


Designation: Heavy Carrier
Max speed: unknown
Length: estimated around 1600 m
Mass: unknown

Notes: Recently sighted deep in Kilrathi space, this new carrier type appears to be almost twice as big as any previously-encountered Kilrathi capital ship. Virtually nothing is known about its capabilities.

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