Wing Commander: Standoff

Step one - Download Wing Commander Secret Ops (105 Mb)

Wing Commander Secret Ops is required to run Standoff; install this package unless you already have Secret Ops installed on your computer. In addition to letting you play Standoff, this file contains the full version of Secret Ops, includes all it's seven episodes, and the OpenGL renderer Standoff uses, adapted for the original game it mods.

Step two - Download Standoff (461 Mb)

This file will install the episodes of Standoff, which were originally released as separate downloads from December 2004 to August 2009.

MacOSX: Wing Commander Secret Ops and Standoff (700 Mb)

Mac Wine wrapper app for both Secret Ops and Standoff. To install, click on the package file (.DMG), drag the Secret Ops and Standoff icons where you want them stored on your Mac (same location for both) and click to play.

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